Providing Experiences to Enrich the Lives
of our developmentally disabled Participants

Scully Learning Center was developed to provide Experiences to enrich the lives of our developmentally disabled participants. The Center is located on the banks of Cave Creek. The facility includes an organic garden; chickens, ducks, goats and tortoises; computers; fully equipped kitchen; a fully equipped ceramic studio and several other art creation sites. In addition we provide opportunities for hiking and a variety of field trips. We recently added three Strider Pedaless Bikes and have added a race track to our wish list. We are staffed exclusively by volunteers and always welcome new ideas and new participants.


SLCF’s goal is to improve the socialization skills of PARTICIPANTS through various program Experiences.
Experiences always include improving social skills such as making friends, having conversations, appropriate use of humor, building relationships and much more!
Note: The program is focused on providing Experiences to individuals with mild or moderate developmental disabilities.

Scully Learning Center Foundation from Herbert Hitchon on Vimeo.


The Scully Learning Center Foundation provides a wide range of Experiences to our Participants. All Experiences are activities designed to engage Participants, improve social skills and develop vocational opportunities beyond the traditional economic setting. Activities held at the Center include:

Yoga • Dance • Music • Ceramics • Gardening


Other Experiences take place outside the Scully Learning Center Foundation. Participants like to travel to activities like the technology workshop held at the Annunciation Catholic Church. Field trips are often taken, including hikes in and around Cave Creek and visits to locations around the city. Recently, Participants visited the “Out of Africa” excursion in West Phoenix. Most classes are in the late afternoon or on weekends. The major cost for experiences is funded by donations. Experience fees are $50. Financials waivers are available.


SLCF, is a 501c3 Arizona non-profit volunteer organization, was founded to enrich the lives of our PARTICIPANTS by providing meaningful, creative and fun “Experiences.”

  • Diagnosed with at least one of the following 4 defined developmental disabilities:
    intellectual disability, autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy.* 
  • Diagnosis confirmed by at least 1 of 5 sources: Department of Developmental Disabilities, Licensed Medical Doctor, Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Social Worker, Cave Creek Unified School District (CCUSD) Multidisciplinary Team Evaluation Report.* 
  • Live within the boundaries of CCUSD. Note: based on availability, individual(s) living outside CCUSD will be considered. 
  • Must be at least 12 years old.
  • Agree to abide by the “PARTICIPANT Code of Conduct”. 

Because of current program and funding constraints, the SLCF is not able to provide Experiences to individuals with disabilities that do not meet the criteria set forth above. If the PARTICIPANT qualifies to participate in SLCF Experiences , please complete this questionnaire. Please print clearly.

*Please attach documentation of diagnoses for eligibility

For More Information, Visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page