Scully Learning Center FAQ

What is the Scully Learning Center?

Scully Learning Center Foundation is a volunteer organization founded to enrich the lives of developmentally challenged participants by providing meaningful, creative and fun “Experiences”.

Do we have to pay for the Experiences at Scully Learning Center?

All experience have a $10 registration fee. Some experiences that consume materials have a slightly higher fee. Ceramics has a $25 fee and Cooking a fee of $20. Scholarships or fee waivers are available. Contact Paula Scully for more information.

Who is eligible to attend the Experiences at the Scully Learning Center?

The following criteria must be met:

Diagnosed with at least one of the following developmental disabilities:
Intellectual Disabilities
Cerebral Palsy
Confirmation of Diagnosis (DDD, MD, Psychologist, School MDT eligibility form
Live within the boundaries of CCUSD

Where is it located?

Located on the banks of the Cave Creek Wash, at 37436 Rancho Manana Blvd, the facility provides the backdrop for a variety of experiences.

What Experiences are being offered?

It has both indoor and outdoor areas for the participants to enjoy their chosen activities. Activities include hiking, cooking, yoga, music, ceramics and some organic gardening.

How do I sign up for the Experiences?

Before signing up for any Experiences participants must complete all paperwork and interviews. Email, listing the Experiences that interest you. The Selection Committee will get back to you. Most Experiences are limited to 6 or fewer participants, make sure that you contact us ea


Scully Learning Center Foundation from Herbert Hitchon on Vimeo.